Technaxx Trackfit TX–63 User manual

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Trackfit TX–63
User manual
Fitness Wristband Trackfit TX–63
User Manual
This device complies with the requirements of the standards referred to the Directive R&TTE 1999/5/EC.
The Declaration of Conformity you find here: (in bar at the bottom
“Konformitätserklärung”). Before using the device the first time, read the user manual carefully.
This device has a rechargeable battery. It must be fully charged before first use.
NOTE: Charge the battery of the device every 2–3 month if it is not used!
Service phone No. for technical support: 01805 012643 (14 cent/minute from German fixed-line and 42
cent/minute from mobile networks). Free Email: [email protected]
Wristband to monitor your fitness, your sleep and your active phases Displays real
activity step, distance covered and calories burned Clock & date display, calendar
function Caller name or telephone number Notifications: achieved goals, MSN, @, SMS
Anti-lost function Vibrating function Sleep monitoring & wake up with vibrating alarm
Displays statistics via diagram in the APP Bluetooth 4.0 BLE connection, controllable
via APP Free iOS and Android APP Easy handling with 1 key IP66 protection class
(dustproof & against waterjet) Especially suitable for outdoor activities
Technical specifications
Bluetooth / Distance Bluetooth version 4.0 BLE / max. 10m
Display / Resolution 0.91” OLED display (2.3cm) / 128 x 32 pixels
Protection class IP66 (dustproof + protection against water jets)
Charging port at device Displacement contact
Charger USB charger with clamping function
Data transmission BT 4.0 BLE or USB
Time synchronization
Supports RTC (Real Time Clock) and time
Accelerate sensor Supports “3 AXIS”
Power supply
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer 60mAh battery, 3.7V /
Charging time ~2 hours / Working time ~36 hours / Stand-by time
~7 days
Material PC half transparent (housing)+ TPU (wristband)
Weight / Dimensions 21g / (L) 14–19.5 x (W) 1.7 x (H) 1.1cm
Package Contents
Fitness Wristband Trackfit TX-63, USB charger with clamping
function, User Manual
Apple iOS Devices: supports iOS device with 4.0 BLE, iOS 7.0 and above.
Android Devices: supports almost all Android devices with 4.0 BLE, Android system 4.3
and above.
Approve which iOS or Android version your Smartphone is using.
View of the wristband
OLED Screen
Strap colsure of the wristband
Mounting hole for the wristband (from the inside)
Charging port
Mounting hole for the closure of the wristband
(from the outside)
Operation button
1. Charging
Before first use, charge the device as shown in the picture below and make sure that the
charging hole be connected in the correct way. Be careful, not to charge in the opposite
direction, or it will lead the device to be short-circuit or scrap.
“a” with cycle =
Operation button
TX-63 indicates the battery charge level as when it is being charged. If
not, check whether you charge it in the correct way and make sure the USB interface is
connected in correct way.
TX-63 can be charged directly via USB (5V). It shows when it is full
charged. Standby time are ~ 7 days (depending on the actual usage).
Do not try to take out built-in battery in case of danger. Use the TX-63 USB charging line for
charging. Please keep using and charging it.
TX-63 Bluetooth will be off and cannot sync data while being charged.
2. Download & installion My Fitness Pro APP
Android APP: Search for Technaxx “My Fitness Pro“ in Google
Play Store to download
the APP.
iOS APP: Search for Technaxx “My Fitness Pro“ in Apple
Store to download the APP.
Install the respective APP.
3. Device initialization
The device will display when you use it for the first time. Press the button
for more than 3 seconds until time displays on the screen that means the initialization is
3.1. How to use Android APP and iOS APP
3.1.1. Sports
Main function: upload sports and sleep data, sync time, check steps/distance/calories/
battery usage state for every day/every week/every month. You can upload data, sync time and check battery usage state all by
Synchronization the TX-63 with your phone
When using TX-63 for the first time, synchronize it with your mobile phone via the
„My Fitness Pro“ APP.
1. Activate Bluetooth, internet on your phone, open the APP, register it and then you will see
the main interface, click in the Sports interface.
2. Quickly press the button of TX-63 to light screen (do not hold the button for a long time,
in case it will switch into the Sleep mode).
3. The APP will display when in syncing until it’s 100% completed.
4. The first time synchronization means reset for TX-63, so after this down all existed data
will be cleared of wristband. How to check steps, distance, calories and sleep data by APP
Click the triangle icon to choose a date which you need to
check, then click steps, distance, calories, sleep for detail data check at that day.
. The user can also choose “Day””Week””Month” to check the
data statistics.
3.1.2. Reminder
Main functions: create, add, modify, update and delete a reminder How to create a reminder
Tap “+” to choose a reminders time and type; to choose the
reminder’s happen date by “self-defined repeat”. Click
to save the reminder.
Notice: 20 reminders could be created at most. Reminder Modification - How to modify an reminder’s mode
In the interface
, click in one of the reminders to turn on or turn off the
Reminder. When the reminder icon changes to
, the device will remind you by
vibration following the settled time. Otherwise, it will not remind you. How to modify an reminder’s content
Click in the main interface, then click the to modify the reminder
content. How to operate you can refer to 3.1..2.2. How to delete an reminder
Click the Edit , then click the item’s left side .
3.1.3. Setting My profile
Click on to “Setting” and put in your information. First, under “My Profile”, it is important
to record accurate information to ensure that the reading and outcome will be more
beneficial to the user. Here you can add information’s such as your name, your size and
your weight.
. Click the save once finishing, return for Preset sleeps
Click on Preset sleep to enter your desired bed and wake up time automatically. Close it th
e device will not enter the sleep mode automatically. Goals
Set the goals of steps, distance, calories and sleep by rolling up and down, click the
“Done” for confirmation, or click the “Cancel” for reset. Click on “Save” once finishing. Reset
Go in the APP in the menu “Settings”. Tap “Decoupling” and decouple the wristband from
your mobile phone. The wristband will reset to factory defaults. Time format
Time format can be 12 hours or 24 hours Log out
Click “Log out” can quit the account, or change to other account. If nothing works !
Press and hold the button on the wristband. Only then connect the wristband to the power
supply. The icon for battery charging appears. The wristband will be activated and can now
be operated normally again.
4. Display mode
4.1. Set up
Once reset the device or for the first use, it will show SET UP.
4.2. Activity mode
Interfaces of activity mode are as following:
1. Time, Date, Battery
2. Steps
3. Distance
4. Calories
It will display the data and reminder you once finishing targets under the activity mode.
Lighten the display by pressing the button can open the device Bluetooth. The device will
record the intraday data; data will be zero clearing on 24:00 automatically.
4.3. Sleep mode
Interfaces of sleep mode are as following:
Time, Date, Battery
It will record the user’s sleep status under the sleep mode. Reminder notifications are
disabled during this period of time.
4.4. Switch of activity mode and sleep mode
Press the button for 3 seconds under the activity mode, it will vibrate you and enter the
sleep mode
. User can exit sleep mode by pressing the button for 3
seconds, or it exits according to user activity automatically. Device shows and records the
data as long as switching the relevant mode.
5. Notification
5.1. Messages
1. Calendar event
2. Social media
3. Email
4. Missed calls
5. Call reminder
It just shows the caller number for the mobile phone.
It can show the name of the caller if you have set address book in your
6. SMS
7. Bluetooth is disconnected
5.2. Charging reminder
When the device battery is low up to 10%, it will show and vibrate you.
You cannot operate the device when it under the low power.
5.3. Time sync.
Before set up the device, if charge the device when the power runs
out, it will show PLS SYNC TIME once take out of the charging clip. Connect it via
Bluetooth with your mobile phone and sync time.
5.4. Memory full reminder
Once the device memory up to 80% it will vibrate to alarm you.
5.5. Sync data reminder
When the device need to sync data, battery is going to run out, or
memory is full up to 100%, it will vibrate you when you lighten the device.
5.6. Achieved goals reminder
once you hit one of your daily goals, it will gently vibrate and display
5.7. Event reminder
Once hit the event reminder, the device will vibrate you and show the icon as below:
Wake up
Once you hit the reminder, press the button to confirm it, if not, it will vibrate you after two
6. Use of the APP (refer 3.1.)
When starting the APP “My Fitness Pro” you see following pictures below. Sign up or Login!
For Login put your email & password.
You forgot your password? Then reset your password with pressing “Reset My Password”
to sign up fill all required fields like the following pictures.
After successful registration you see the picture below. Select “TX-63” & press “Next”.
When Bluetooth was activated you see the following picture & select your wristband &
press the button “Next”.
To continue with setting, enable the Bluetooth on your Smartphone. If no Bluetooth device
is found, go to the Bluetooth settings of your Smartphone and disable / enable the
Bluetooth connection. If still no Bluetooth device is found, try the step above again.
When the appropriate wristband was found you will receive a pairing, request tap on the
display to accept the pairing. When pairing with TX-63 was successful, you see the picture
below and start the button “Start now”.
Pairing failed then TRY AGAIN !
Tap on , to synchronize your bracelet with the mobile phone. Now you can track your
progress on your mobile phone.
The graphic down shows your daily achieved activities.
The graphic down shows your weekly achieved activities.
The graphic down shows your monthly achieved activities.
The graphic down shows percentage of your daily achieved activities.
The graphic down shows your monthly achieved activities in graphic.
The graphic down shows your monthly achieved activities in graphic.
The graphic down shows your monthly achieved Calorie in graphic.
The following picture shows your sleep status.
The graphic down shows percentage of your daily sleep status.
Main Setting page: The following picture shows type of notifications which can be
selected. You can select all types of notifications.
Set your daily goals.
To enter you sleep activities, adjust under the mode “Preset Sleep” your estimated sleep
time. Under “Time Format” you can choose between the 12h (12 hours) or 24h (24 hours)
time format.
Set your reminders from the following:
Press at the “+” symbol. Select the type of reminders and select the date for which you
need the reminder and put the time to remember. After you finished setting the reminder
you can edit every reminder which was saved! Save the reminders after editing.
Profile can be edited like in the following pictures (refer to My profile).
Here you can set your birthday, gender, height and weight.
Remarks & Safety hints & Warnings
Charge the device in time when it shows low power, and please use our standard
charging clip.
Do not put the device in damp environment or rain during the charging proess.
Do not put the device too high or too low temperature. Do not put the device into the
direct sunlight place for a long time & do not close to the fire.
Do not let your device touch any sharp objects
Do not misuse the device such as, do not fall, dismantling, extrusion, puncturing, baking,
burning, etc.
Keep the surface of the device clean, but do not use organic solvents. Do not clean the
device by abrasive cleaning.
Do not give it to children, small parts may cause choking.
Security and Disposal Hints for Batteries: Hold children off batteries. When a
child swallowed a battery go to a doctors place or bring the child into a hospital
promptly! Look for the right polarity (+) and (–) of batteries! Always change all
batteries. Never use old and new batteries or batteries of different types together.
Never short, open, deform or load up batteries! Risk of injury! Never throw
batteries into fire! Risk of explosion!
Hints for Environment Protection: Packages materials are raw materials and
can be recycled. Do not disposal old devices or batteries into the domestic waste.
Cleaning: Protect the device from contamination and pollution (use a clean
drapery). Avoid using rough, coarse-grained materials or solvents/aggressive
cleaner. Wipe the cleaned device accurately. Important Notice: Should battery
fluid leak from a battery, wipe the battery case with a soft cloth dry. Distributor:
Technaxx Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG, Kruppstr. 105, 60388 Frankfurt a.M.,