Actiomo Actiomo Fit User manual

Actiomo Fit
User manual
Actiomo Fit Smart Bracelet Manual
Model: Actiomo Fit
Thank you for choose ACTIOMO FIT Smart bluetooth Bracelet, Our bracelet will provide better
help and joy for your health and sporting activities.
Please read this manual
••• Please read this manual before you use the product.
••• This instruction is based on the product’s default setting.
••• Please save this manual in case of troubleshooting.
The copyright of this manual is reserved by Actiomo.
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Use Instruction
1 How to wear: Wear the bracelet on your wrist(Please make sure wear bracelet correct:
keep the screw on the side towards to right direction after you put the bracelet on )
2 OLED display content:
Time: shows current timebattery quantityand Bluetooth status;
Steps: shows the current amount of steps;
Distance: shows the current distance(meter)
Calories: shows the amount of current calories burnt.
3 There are two ways to turn on the OLED display(VERTICAL LEVEL )
3.1 Keep the front of the glass(screen) upwards,turn the back of your hand upwards),then
turn your wrist one time(turn your wrist outward and then turn it back), the bracelet will turn on
automatically. As shown in below pictures:
Picture a-1 Picture a-2 Picture a-3
3.2 Keep the glass of the bracelet upwards, then move(shake) your hand to the front and back, the bracelet
will be turn on automatically.
4 Switch Bracelet function mode:
After lighting up the bracelet screen, you can Switch the Bracelet function mode as below:
4.1 After lighting up the bracelet screen, turn over your wrist, every time you turn your wrist over, the screen
display will change (contents are: time, steps, calories, distance.), as
show in above pictures(a-1, a-2, a-3)
4.2 After lighting up the bracelet screen, tap on the screen glass 1~2 times with your finger,
every time you tap on the screen the display will change (content are: time,
steps, calories, distance.), as show in pictures(b-1, b-2).
Picture b-1 Picture b-2
Setting up your Actiomo Fit Bracelet on a computer
IOS & PC Requirements
Software Software
IOS OS 6.0 or later Windows XP, Vista, 7,
Hardware Hardware
Bluetooth USB port
Pairing and Sync Data
1Wireless Pairing and Sync with apple and android device
The Actiomo Fit Smart Wristband is capable of setting up and syncing with select mobile
devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 technology,such as:
iPhone 4S, 5, iPod touch5, etc.(OS must be IOS6.0 or later)
Samsung S4Note3,etc. (OS must be Android4.2 or later).
Go to the App store or the play store, download this APK: “Health724”,and install it.Open the APK
Health724, make sure your mobile device is connected with the internet via WIFI or 3G.
Account set up : Open the “Health724” App. Login if you have an account, or register a
new account (As picture 1).
Binding: After login, the system shows “search wristband” or “I don’t have
wristband ”,Please press the key on the host to activate the wristband, make sure the display’s on,
then click “search wristband”, after 30 sec the smart wristband will show a
pairing code(4 figures),after several sec, your mobile device will show a dialog box to
request the input of a code, enter the pairing code(4 figure) and click “finish”.(As picture
2).If you didn’t find the pairing code, repeat this step.
Input personal information: GenderWeightAgeHeight, click “finish”, then the system
will analyse your data based on the provided information.
The system will go to “personal”, please press the key on the host again till the step data in the APK
is same as the step data in the wristband display, now you have finished binding. If you want to bind
with another wristband, click “setting--“My wristband”--“Cancel banding”.(As picture 3)
picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
Instruction of on the use of the wristband
1Press the key for 3 sec, the wristband will enter into “sleeping” or “temporary”
mode. Press the key again for 3 sec to transfer back to normal mode.
Normal mode Icon: Step number; Time; Calories; Alarm clock.
Temporary mode Icon: Step number; Distance; Time; Calories.
2Charge: Insert the wristband host into your PC or power bank USB port directly, charge time is around 15
minutes; if you want to use a charger make sure that it’s a good quality charger with the specifications of:
5V --300mA.
The LED light is on as a default, double click the key to turn it on or off
Based on the amount of your activity, there are 3 modes on the LED indication:
A. Low end sport(less than 60 steps per minute ),blue LED will flicker;
B. Middle end sport(60~120 steps per minute ),green LED will flicker
C. High end sport(more than 120 steps per minute ),red LED will flicker;
Standards mode: when the user reaches 10000 steps the wristband will vibrate 3 times and the red LED will
Clock mode: The clock will use vibrations for any reminders, these will continue 6 times and can be cancelled
by pressing the key.
Remark: if the APP hangs, this is an indication of a slow internet connection, please exit the APP,
connect the phone with the internet again then press the key to open the wristband host, and open the APP,
the wristband will connect and pair with your device automatically .
The wristband is water resistant, so you can wear it when you wash your hands or something, but
don’t wear it when you are showering or swimming.
Important Safety Instructions
Read and keep these instructions.
Read all warnings!
Follow all instructions:
1. Do not attempt to open the tracker. Substances contained in this product
and/or its battery may damage the environment and/or human health if handled and
disposed of improperly.
2. Do not tamper with your ACTIOMO FIT.
3. Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean your ACTIOMO FIT.
4. Do not place your ACTIOMO FIT in a Dishwasher, Washing Machine or Dryer.
5. Do not expose your ACTIOMO FIT to extremely high or low temperatures.
6. Do not use your ACTIOMO FIT in a sauna or steam room.