Technaxx TX-41 Owner's manual

Personal scales
Owner's manual
Smart Fitness Scale TX–41
User Manual
This product complies with the requirements of the standards referred to council directive R&TTE
1999/5/EC. Here you find the Declaration of Conformity: (in bar at the bottom
“Konformitätserklärung”). Before using the device the first time, read the user manual carefully.
Take control of your health by daily checkup of your physical fitness
Smart Fitness Scale for measuring and analyzing your weight and BMI values (Body
Mass Index); they can be saved in your personal My Fitness APP.
Changes in weight and BMI can be shown as graphic in the My Fitness APP
Battery Status Indicator & Overload Indicator
Bluetooth 4.0 connection with mobile devices
Free iOS and Android APP
Supports by setting goals and to reduce weight
Compete and share your success with friends via Facebook & Twitter
Tempered 6mm glass platform, resistant to scratches and abrasion
2. Quick User Guide
1. Search for Technaxx “My Fitness” in the APP Store or in Google Play.
Download the free APP and install it on your mobile device.
2. Open the battery cover on the back and place the CR2032 lithium cell battery.
3. Step on the scale to switch it on. Open the APP. Choose your personal account.
4. Pair the scale with your mobile device (e.g. iPhone/iPad or Android) [see 3.3.] Step
again on the scale. Your weight and your height will sync to your mobile device.
5. After the Bluetooth connection, get off the scale.
3. Basic functions
When you use scale the first time, place the scale on a flat hard ground, after you
installed the battery. The LCD display is ON after approx. 10 seconds. Step on the scale to
switch it ON. While weighing, avoid any influence of scale veracity. When you get off, the
digital display stays on. The scale will switch OFF in about 15 seconds automatically.
Open your mobile devices and start Bluetooth.
First you have to step on the scale, then start “My Fitness” and press the symbol
at the right side of your mobile device. When you step on the scale and stand steady, the
scale will measure automatically and transfer your weight to the APP “My Fitness” [see 7.
User interface]. Please maintain your body balance and do not move. The numerical value
of your weight will be locked after flicker for 2 times. This numerical value is your current
weight. This weight will be sent out to your mobile device via Bluetooth.
The scale can be used continuously. When your last weight is saved on your mobile device,
you can re-weight or let another person weighing. If another person steps on the scale, your
actual BMI (Body Mass Index) would be different with the BMI shown on your mobile device,
because the height of each person and other factors are different.
4. Unit conversion
The scale has 3 options of unit: kilogram (KG), pound (LB for Great Britain) and pound (ST
for America). When the scale starts and becomes zero, you can press on the button of the
bottom of the scale. Then you can change unit between KG, LB or ST. Choose the unit you
need. When you start up again, the scale keeps the last unit. Example:
A person’s weight is 80,7 KG. In normal LB
it is shown on the display the following
When the unit is ST (Stones), the display
shows 12:8 1/8 as LB for the above
mentioned person’s weight.
5. Overload function
When the scale is overloaded (more than 180 KG / 396 LB), the digital display will show the
symbol (= Error).
6. Low battery indicator
When the battery capacity is very low, the digital display will show the symbol
((LO = LOW).
7. User interface
(Here you see pictures of the user interface)
Technical specifications
Bluetooth version 4.0 Your Hardware version must support BT 4.0
Display 1,25" LCD display (3,18 cm)
Displays in 0.1 kg (0.21b) steps; kg/b selectable
Power supply CR2032 lithium cell battery* (*included in delivery)
Current DC 3V and 15mA
Specific range & Unit 3 – 180 KG / 6.6 – 396 LB
Division 1KG = 2.2 LB; 1D = 100g or 0.2 LB
UART transfer Weight will be sent out to your mobile divice via Bluetooth
module after locking-in.
Automatic Switch ON (when you step on the scale) and automatic weigh
/ Switch OFF after ~10 seconds when you step of the scale.
Low battery indicator Automatic shutdown after show ”LO”
Material ABS and 6mm tempered glass (platform)
Working temperature 10°C – 40°C
Weight / Dimensions 1.8 kg / (L) 31.0 x (W) 30.0 x (H) 2.3 cm
Package Contents Smart Fitness Scale TX-41, 1x CR2032 cell battery, User
Apple iOS Devices: iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C, iPod touch 5,
iPad 4, iPad mini / iPad mini with retina display / iPad Air
(Apple iPhone iOS version 7.0 or above)
Android Devices: Samsung S3 / S4 / S5 / Galaxy Note 2 / Galaxy Note 3
(Android version 4.3 or above; approve which Android version your Smartphone is
Security and Disposal Hints for Batteries: Hold children off batteries. When a child swallowed a
battery go to a doctors place or bring the child into a hospital promptly! Look for the right polarity (+)
and (--) of batteries! Always change all batteries. Never use old and new batteries or batteries of
different types together. Never short, open, deform or load up batteries! Risk of injury! Never throw
batteries into fire! Risk of explosion!
Hints for Environment Protection: Packages materials are raw materials and can be
recycled. Do not disposal old devices or batteries into the domestic waste. Cleaning:
Protect the device from contamination and pollution (use a clean drapery). Avoid using
rough, coarse-grained materials/solvents/other aggressive cleaner. Wipe the cleaned device.
Important Notice: Should battery fluid leak from a battery, wipe the battery-case with a soft
cloth dry. Distributor: Technaxx Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG, Kruppstr. 105, 60388
Frankfurt a.M., Germany
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Technaxx TX-41 Owner's manual

Personal scales
Owner's manual

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