apphealth APH100 Getting To Know Manual

activity trackers
Getting To Know Manual
Track your day
Counts your steps, calories burned, distance travelled,
Acve minutes
Reminds you to move when you have been inacve for a long me
Set daily goals
Movates you to get your desired goal
Get fulfilled seeing your progress through graphs
Compete and share the data with your friends
Track your night
Graphs hours slept, mes woken up
Monitor your sleep quality and wake up silently with a vibraon alarm
24 hours tracking user’s acvity and workouts
Waterproof up to 5 meters
Note:Do not unplug the bracelet during syncing mode as this
may affect the funcons of the bracelet.
Click on to “Seng & put in your informaon Under “My
Profile” it is important to record accurate informaon to
ensure that the reading & outcome will be more beneficial
to the user.
Click “Workout Goal” to set your daily sport goals. Choose
the daily goal listed in the opons and click “Save” and Sync.
Note: For Android aer seng your workout goal, go back to
homepage of the app (by clicking on the return buon on
the App) and click on the sync icon.
Click “Reminder Seng to set acvity reminder funcon,
for anywhere between 15 mins and 2 hours, the bracelet
will vibrate to remind you to exercise.
Click “Smart Alarm” to enter alarm seng interface.
Aer alarm seng, the bracelet will wake you up silently
(vibrate) at the me that leaves you feeling most refreshed
Sports Mode to Sleep Mode
Tap the display area 5 mes connuously.
Green Moon will appear on your easyfit bracelet.
Sleep Mode to Sports Mode
Upon waking up, tap the display area 5 mes
connuously. The red flower will appear
showing you are now on Sports Mode ready
to start your daily acvity.
The easyfit barcelet will automacally switch to sports mode according
to certain amount of exercise while on sleep mode.
Apple iOS
• iPhone 3GS+;
• iPod Touch (4th Gen+);
• iPad 2+;
• iPad Mini,iPad air,iPad mini2
Android Phones
Measured support models:
• Galaxy Note3 SM-N9006 4.4.2 version;
• Galaxy Note2 GT-7100 4.3 version
• Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 4.1.2 or 4.3 version
• Galaxy S4 GT-I9508 4.4.2 version
• Galaxy S5 SM-G900F 4.4.2 version
• Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 4.3 version