Sunbeam Bedding Sonic Egg User manual

Sunbeam Bedding
Sonic Egg
User manual
Installing the Batteries:
Open battery door by pressing the release lever.
Install (4) new AAA alkaline batteries only. Do not use rechargeable
batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline,
standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable batteries. Make sure that
the batteries are installed with the correct orientation for positive
and negative terminals.
Install the included lanyard for easier carrying.
Release Lever
Battery Door
Wrist Strap Slot
How to use:
1 When a bark from a dog is desired to be silenced
(max effective range is 15 feet)
2 Press and hold the activation button.
Note: The ultrasonic sound is heard by dogs but not by humans
LED / Low battery
Activation Button
Operating Notes:
A short audible beep will be emitted to confirm your action and a green
LED will illuminate.
An auto-shut off feature will stop the ultrasonic sound if the activation button
has been pressed and held for more than 10 seconds. The feature will reset
when the activation button is released.
A low battery is indicated when the LED is red.

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