SereneLife SLAPF30 Owner's manual

Owner's manual
Smart Automatic Pet Feeder
Digital Pet Food Dispenser with Voice Recorder
Key Features
How to assemble and use it:
1. Assemble the bowl. Apply power plug in the power adaptor.
If you do NOT want to use power adaptor, you can charge to use battery.
Accurate portion control
Large capacity Hopper
7L ( around 7Lbs dry food)
Voice record/play at the
programmed meal time
Humanized design, simply
Two Power supply:
Battery and Power adaptor
USB cable
2. Install batteries to the base (3 new “D” Cell, alkaline batteries. Batteries NOT
included) make sure the power switch is at “On location.
3. Setting the feeder per the following instruction
Quick Start Guide
1. Manual feeding Option and function check:press and hold “Manual” button
for 3 second, the rotor will rotate 1 portion. Repeat it 2 more times, if each time,
it will feed 1 portion. It means the machine with no problem.
Make sure the power
switch at “I” location.
Be sure to match positive
and negative markings)
2. To set current time: Press and hold Time and “Hour button simultaneously
then click “Hour button setting current hour Note: when you click always hold
Time button). Press and hold Time and “minute button then click “minute
button setting minute.
For example: Current time is 21:51
3. To set breakfast mealPress and hold Breakfast and ON/OFF button to set
feeding breakfast or notPress and hold Breakfast and “Meal Size button
setting meal sizePress and hold Breakfast and “Hour button to set breakfast
hour Press and hold Breakfast button and Minute button to set breakfast
On = Feeding breakfast
O = No Breakfast
Meal time
Meal Size
Model S: small meal size For Small & Medium pets
Programmable: 1 to 39 portions (5g -195g)
Model L: Large meal size For Medium & large pets
Programmable: 1 to 39 portions (10g -390g)
4. To set lunch and dinner meal and 4th meal: As above press and hold Lunch
and related button to se lunch mealPress and hold Dinner and related button
to set dinner. Same goes with 4th meal.
5. To set voice recording and play:Press and hold MIC button for 3 second till
LCD ashing to record your voice. To check your voice, press and hold Play
button for 3second.
Off = No feeding
On= Feeding
On= Feeding
MIC location
Voice Recording
Voice Play button
1. Disassembly the Hopper and Bowl
2. Hand clean with soft cloth and hand dry
Warning: Base unit should not be submerged in water at any time, that will
damage electronic components and void the warranty.
1. The “Low battery light is ashing?
Change 3 new “D Cell, alkaline batteries.
Normally 3 new D Cell, alkaline batteries can last around 1year.
Requires 3 “D size batteries. Batteries NOT included.
Use only alkaline batteries.
Estimated life of one set of batteries is one year.
Keep ngers and hands clear of food wheel.
Always turn unit OFF before cleaning.
Check the low battery light frequently to be sure the feeder has power.
Check the level of food frequently, to be sure the feeder is dispensing properly.
Note: SLAPF30 has 2 models exchangeable food dispenser
1. Model S: For Small and medium size pet.
Programmable: 1 to 39 portions (5g -195g)
2. Model L: For medium and large size pet
Programmable: 1 to 39 portions (10g -390g)
Warning: Base unit
should not be
submerged in water
Can be
Can be
Smart Automatic Pet Feeder
Digital Pet Food Dispenser with Voice Recorder
Simple Electronic Plug-in Design
Programmable Automatic Feeder Dispenser
Ensures an Optimal Feeding Schedule & Weight Control
Built-in Microphone & Speaker for Voice Recording
Playback a Personalized Message to Announce Feeding Time
Adjustable Pet Food Dispense Amount & Daily Dispense Frequency
Digital LCD Display Screen
Front Panel Button Control Center
Sleek & Rounded, Modern-Style Housing
Close-Fitting Lid Keeps Pet Food Fresh Longer
Selectable Dispensing Modes: Manual / Automatic
Large Capacity Pet Food Hopper Bin for Multiple Feedings
Stain-Resistant & Easy-to-Clean
Certied Pet-Safe: Made of BPA-Free Plastic
Perfect for Cats, Dogs & Other Furry Friends
*For Use with Dry Pet Food / Kibble / Treats Only
What’s in the Box:
Digital Pet Food Dispenser
Integrated Feeding Bowl
Power Cable
1 x USB cable
Technical Specications:
*Optional Battery Powered, Requires (3) x ‘D Batteries, Not Included
Pet Food Storage Capacity: 7 Liters (7 lbs.)
Dispense Sizes / Serving Portions: Small: 5g - 195g, Large: 10g - 390g
Construction Material: Polypropylene, Engineered ABS
Power Cord Length: 9.8’ ft.
Power Adapter Voltage: 5V/1A
Power Supply: 120V-240V
Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.8’ x 13.7’ x 15.3’ –inches