Koenic KCC 620 Owner's manual

Owner's manual
Size - A5
User manual
Manual de instrucciones
Mode d'emploi
Οδηγίες χρήσης
Használati leírás
Manuale dell'utente
Instrukcja obsługi
Manual de utilização
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Imtron GmbH
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85046 Ingolstadt
IM_KCC 620_191122_V05
Mini Air Cooler
KCC 620
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Safety instructions
Size - A5
•This product can be used by children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they are
supervised or have received instructions concerning the use
of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards
involved or are under supervision.
•Children shall not play with the product.
•Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be carried out by
children unless they are supervised.
•Only use the product with an approved and suitable USB
adaptor that complies with the requirements of the relevant
standards of the IEC/EN 60335 series
•LED’s are not replaceable.
•When the light source reaches its end of life the whole
product shall be replaced.
•Attention! Please do not look directly into the light
emanating from the LED. Do not point the LED light directly
into the eyes.
•Follow the instructions in the chapter Cleaning and care.
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Safety instructions
• Read this user manual thoroughly
before first use and pass it on with the
product. Pay attention to the warnings
on the product and in this user manual.
It contains important information for
your safety as well as for the use and
maintenance of the equipment.
• Never leave the product unsupervised
while it is switched on.
• Do not place any objects on top of the
• Never immerse electrical parts of the
product in water during cleaning or
operation. Never hold the product under
running water.
• Do not under any circumstances (e.g.
product has been dropped etc.) attempt to
repair the product yourself. For servicing
and repairs, please consult an authorised
service agent.
• Avoid damages to the cord that may be
caused by kinks or contact with sharp
• Keep this product including cord away
from all heat sources, e.g. ovens, hot
plates and other heat-producing
• Disconnect the product from the power
supply ...
- when the product is not being used,
- in case of malfunctions,
- before attaching / detaching
accessories and
- before cleaning the product.
• Use this product in dry indoor areas only
and never outdoors.
• This product is not intended for
commercial use. It is designed for
household use only.
• Make sure that the motor unit and
supply cord do not become wet.
• Use accessories supplied with the
device or recommended by the
manufacturer only!
• This product is suitable only for private
• Do not cover the product while in use.
Fire hazard!
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Size - A5
Thank you for your purchase of KOENIC
product. Please read this manual carefully and
keep it for future reference.
Intended use
The fan is intended to be used for air
circulation. The LED light of this product is
for decoration use only and not suitable for
household room lighting. The LED light is not
intended for use in other applications. Using
it for anything else can damage the device or
cause injury.
The Imtron GmbH assumes no liability for
damage to the product, for property damage or
for personal injury due to careless or improper
usage of the product, or usage of the product
which does not meet the manufacturer’s
specified purpose.
Before first time use
Remove the product and its accessories
carefully from the original packaging. It is
recommended to keep the original packaging
for storage. If you wish to dispose of the
original packaging, please observe applicable
legal provisions. Should you have any questions
regarding proper disposal, contact your local
waste management center.
Inspect the delivery contents for completeness
and damages. Should the delivery contents
be incomplete or damaged, contact your sales
outlet immediately.
After unpacking, please refer to chapter
Cleaning and care.
Do not dispose of this product as unsorted
municipal waste. Return it to a designated
collection point for the recycling of WEEE.
By doing so, you will help to conserve resources
and protect the environment. Contact your
retailer or local authorities for more information.
1 x Mini air cooler with water tank
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual
1 x Warranty card
Controls and components
On/o switch
Fan level switch
Fan level indicator
Water tank lid
Air inlet
USB socket
Water tank
Air outlet, adjustable
Light switch
Technical data
Rated voltage : 5 V
Protection class : III
Water tank capacity : max. 260 ml
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• Place the mini air cooler on an even surface
such as a table, desk or counter top.
• Let the filter absorb water for at least 3
minutes after filling the tank and before
using it. Doing so, cools down the air the
quickest way.
• Try to stay within a few feet of mini air
cooler. You’ll feel the most benefit when
sitting directly in front of it.
• The mini air cooler will run for
approximately 4 hours on a single fill on
low fan speed. Even if the water tank is
empty, the filter is still damp and mini air
cooler is still cooling.
• Note that during the very first usage
and after longer periods of not using
the product, a greater amount of water
will instantly flow from the tank into the
product and the filter. This is normal and
does not influence the total running time.
Place mini air cooler on a flat surface.
Open the water tank lid and fill it with
water. We recommend a pitcher or
measuring cup. Or you can take o the
water tank to fill it with water from a
If the water tank has been filled, do not move
the mini air cooler anymore. If water runs
out of the tank and electrical (fan motor) or
electronic components get wet, the unit will
be permanently damaged.
Plug an appropriate USB adaptor into
a socket outlet. Then, insert the larger
USB A plug of the cable into the USB
power supply and the other end into
the USB socket on the back of the
mini air cooler. Note the minimum USB
current of 2A. Therefore USB sockets of
computers may not work appropriately.
Do not turn on and / or use the product while
it is connected to a powerbank.
Press the on/o switch to turn on the
mini air cooler.
Set the fan speed by pressing the fan
level button. You can choose between
low, medium, and high mode. The fan
level indicator shows the currently set
Choose the light color by pressing the
light button. You can choose between
7 colors in the following order: red,
blue, purple, green, yellow, cyan, white.
Pushing the light button again when in
white light mode will turn o the lights.
To turn o the mini air cooler, press the
on/ o button again.
• It is recommend to turn on the mini cooler
with an empty water tank for at least
0.5hour for drying. Missing to do so, might
result in unpleasant smells etc.
• The machine provides the function of
automatically shaking dust. When turned
o, but connected with the power supply,
press the fan speed and the light buttons
for three seconds to enter this mode.
The machine will switch back and forth
between the high and low speed, and the
color of the light will automatically change.
Turn o the feature again by pressing the
fan speed and light button for 3 seconds,
or automatically after the machine runs for
5 minutes. This function can help shake o
some dust adsorbed on the curtain fabric.
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Size - A5
Cleaning and care
• When cleaning, never use solvents or
abrasive materials, hard brushes, metallic
or sharp objects. Solvents are harmful to
human health and can attack plastic parts,
while abrasive cleaning mechanisms and
tools may scratch the surface(s).
• Never immerse any electrical part of the
product in water or in other liquids during
cleaning. Never place it under running
The filter does not need to be replaced.
Clean the device with a damp cloth. Then dry it
with a dry cloth. Clean the water tank and clean
inside of the unit once weekly.
Switch o the power. Take o the
water tank. Take o the upper parts
and clean the filter.
Before not using the mini air cooler for
extended periods of time, empty the water
tank, turn the unit on, and set it to the
highest fan speed for at least 4 hours. This
will dry the filter and the inside of your unit.
If there are any problems during operation, please refer to the following table. If problems cannot
be solved as indicated under Solution, please contact your retailer.
Problem Possible causes Solution
Product does not
• Interrupted power supply
• Power supply too weak
• Check the power supply
• Power supply must deliver at least 2A
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Koenic KCC 620 Owner's manual

Owner's manual

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