Speedi-Products SM-WS 10 EC Operating instructions

Operating instructions
Flexible Duct Installation
Recommended Uses
Flexible duct is designed for low to medium operating pressures in HVAC systems.
Designed for use as a non-insulated supply or return air duct venting systems.
WARNING: Foil duct not for use to vent appliances for cooking, heating, and clothes drying
unless recommended by the dryer manufacture and meets UL certification for said use.
WARNING: Vinyl hose not approved for dryer installations.
Directions For Use
Make sure there is enough clearance in order to install hoses and duct without kinking.
Bend clearance is the diameter of the hose times 2; i.e. 3” hose has a 6” bend clearance
requirement, a 4” hose has an 8” bend clearance requirement.
NOTE: Use a close elbow if needed to make a sharp turn (sold separately).
Secure with hose clamps on each end (sold separately).

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