Elta DB119N User manual

User manual
Dear customer,
Please read these Operating Instructions through carefully before connecting your device to the
mains, in order to avoid damage due to incorrect use. Please pay particular attention to the safety
information. If you pass the device on to a third party, these Operating Instructions must also be
handed over.
1. Spray button
2. Operation display
3. Handle
4. Power plug with power cable
5. Water tank
6. Temperature regulator
7. Iron base
8. Spray nozzle
9. Water fill-in opening
10. Steam selection switch
11. Measuring cup
Incorrect operation and improper use can damage the appliance and cause injury to the user.
The appliance may be used only for it’s intended purpose. No responsibility can be taken for any
possible damage caused through incorrect use or improper handling.
Before connecting the appliance to the power source, check that the current and power match
those given on the rating plate.
Do not put the appliance or the plug in water or any other liquid. However should the appliance
accidentally fall into water, unplug the appliance immediately and have it checked by a qualified
person before using it again. Non-observance could cause a fatal electric shock!
Never attempt to open the housing yourself.
Do not place any kind of object into the inside of the housing.
Do not use the appliance with wet hands, on a damp floor or when the appliance itself is wet.
Do not touch the plug with wet or damp hands.
Check the cord and the plug regularly for any possible damage. If the cord or plug is damaged, it
must be replaced by the manufacturer or a qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
Do not use the appliance if it is dropped or otherwise damaged or if the cord or plug are damaged.
In the case of damage, take the appliance to an electrical repair shop for examination and repair if
Never attempt to repair the appliance yourself. This could cause an electric shock.
Do not allow the cord to hang over sharp edges and keep it well away from hot objects and naked
flames. Remove the plug from the socket only by holding the plug.
For extra protection it is possible to fit the electric household installation with a fault current
breaker with a rated breaking current of not more than 30mA. Ask your electrician for advice.
Make sure that there is no danger that the cord or extension cord may inadvertently be pulled or
cause anyone to trip when in use.
If an extension cord is used it must be suited to the power consumption of the appliance,
otherwise overheating of the extension cord and/or plug may occur.
This appliance is not suitable for commercial use nor for use in the open air.
Never leave the appliance unattended while it is in use.
Children cannot recognise the dangers involved in the incorrect use of electrical appliances.
Therefore never allow children to use household appliances without supervision.
Always remove the plug from the socket when the appliance is not in use and each time before it
is cleaned.
Danger! Nominal voltage is still present in the appliance as long as the appliance is connected to
the mains socket.
Switch the appliance off before disconnecting from the mains.
Never use the cord to carry the appliance.
Remove all packaging material.
Clean the iron base (7) (see Cleaning and Care).
Fill distilled water into the water fill-in opening (9) up to the max marking of the water tank (5). For
this, use the measuring cup. (11). When the measuring cup is filled up to the MAX marking, the
water tank will also be filled to the max marking. Do not use chemically de-calcified water.
Insert the power plug (4) into a designated outlet and set the temperature regulator (6) on the
highest temperature setting, MAX/LINEN. The operation display (2) will light up. When this light
fades, set the steam selection switch (10) to position and iron on an old piece of cloth to
remove possible residue.
With first use, there can be a slight odour or smoke. But this is harmless and only of short
duration. Make sure there is adequate ventilation.
Dry ironing
For dry ironing, the water tank does not need to be filled.
To dry iron, set the steam selection switch (10) to position .
Insert the power plug into a designated outlet and turn the temperature regulator (6) clockwise to
set the desired temperature. The operation display will light up. As soon as the desired
temperature is reached, it will fade out. When the iron surface cools, the operation display will light
up again, to show that the iron surface is heating up once more.
0 =Off
• = Nylon, rayon
•• = Wool, cotton
•••MAX = Linen, highest temperature
Before selecting the temperature, read the instruction manual for the iron or the care advice on the
tag of the clothing.
Note: If there is no care advice on the piece of clothing, then you should begin ironing with the
lowest temperature. With lower temperatures, there will be less steam. Caution: Synthetic fabrics
can melt.
Iron the piece of clothing.
To turn off, turn the temperature regulator counter-clockwise to position 0, set the iron upright, and
pull out the power plug.
5 6
Steam ironing
Fill the water tank, as described under Before initial usage.
Steam ironing can be used in the temperature ranges ••, •••MAX.
Fill water into the water tank, as described under Before initial usage. For the reliable functioning
of the steam ironing, the water tank must be at least
1/4 filled.
Switch the steam selection switch (10) to the position. The iron surface must always be kept
in an upright position.
Spray function: Press the spray button (1) to moisten a spot to be ironed. Water will come out of
the spray nozzle (8).
Warning! The steam temperature is very high. Do not use steam for pieces of clothing or
materials which will immediately be worn by people or pets.
To turn off, turn the temperature regulator counter-clockwise to 0 and pull out the power plug.
Turn the appliance upside down and carefully pour the remaining water out of the water tank.
Carefully shake the appliance.
Press the spray button (1) to allow possible remaining water to come out more easily.
Be sure to read the safety advice beforehand.
To dry the iron, set the temperature regulator to position MAX for 5 minutes.
Turn the iron off as described.
Make sure that the plug is pulled out of the outlet and allow the iron surface to completely cool
Clean the outside of the appliance with a soft, moist cloth and if necessary, with a mild detergent.
Never use abrasive detergents or hard utensils.
Wipe the iron base with a moist cloth.
If the iron is to be stored, always allow it to completely cool down first. Wrap up the power cable,
not around the iron, and keep the iron in a safe place, out of the reach of children.
Operating power: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption: 1800 W
Do not dispose of this product in the usual household garbage at the end of its life cycle;
hand it over at a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic appliances.
The symbol on the product, the instructions for use or the packing will inform about the
methods for disposal.
The materials are recyclable as mentioned in its marking. By recycling, material recycling or other
forms of re-utilization of old appliances, you are making an important contribution to protect our
Please inquire at the community administration for the authorized disposal location.
Before delivery our devices are subjected to rigorous quality control. If, despite all care, damage has
occurred during production or transportation, please return the device to your dealer. In addition to
statutory legal rights, the purchaser has an option to claim under the terms of the following
For the purchased device we provide 2 years guarantee, commencing from the day of sale. During
this period we will remedy all defects free of charge, which can be demonstrably attributed to
material or manufacturing defects, by repair or exchange.
Defects which arise due to improper handling of the device and malfunctions due to interventions
and repairs by third parties or the fitting of non-original parts, are not covered by this guarantee.
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