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Hasbro Life game of Adventures Card Game Operating instructions

How do I play a card?
Rembr, it’s al but coleting hose pints!
If a crd hs no ymbl in the o right crne, play it
ont he able right n frot f you t sart buildng your
own life story. Read the card loud an tel he otr
players a tory  go with .
For example:
“Wow – I got a jo as  Po Star – I’m goin to b famous!”
If a crd hs a re symbl in the crne, it means you
ned to have  particular cd in your life story bfore
you can use it. The symbl show hat you ned.
For example, to ‘Sail so arund the world,’ you ned a bt fi rs!
So yu ned a Bot card in your life story bfore yu can use this one.
Get ready!
1. Searte h cards into piles by clor. Kep the 2 Rminder
cards on had s you play.
2. Give ach pile a god shuffl e and put hem facdwn
on the able.
Take turns taking 1 card t a ime, until you have 5 cards each.
 
and mtch!
 
as you have 5 cards in toal.
For example,
you cld take
1 Care cad,
2 Wealth cards n
2 Adventur cads.
If you draw  +10 card, put i to ne sid an tke a
new card. When veryone has tken 5 cards, put any
+10 cards back into he dcks they came from
and reshuffl .
Kep your cads ert!
10 cards (27 pink Family cards, 27 blue Care cads,
27 gren Wealth cards, 27 yelow Adventur cads n
2 Remindr cads).
How to Win
Be th player with e most pints  your life story at he
end of the gam.
More cads in frot f you n the able = more pints!
Play crds ont he able to creat your wn life story.
Have  gret ime and wtch ose pints cme fl oding !
Read throug the ruls and try a prcti game bfore yu
play for eal.
Player As life story
Player B’s life story
+10 cards.
20 years hve pase
discard pile
discard pile
Take  card fom any pile at he nd of each turn.
Every cad
in your life story
has  pint value.
The player with e
most pints
Lifes imple! On your tn:
1. Play  card ont he able.
2. Tel a story to mach te card.
3. Take  nw card from the o
of any draw pile or discard pile
and d it o yur hand.
That’s i!
Use cards with arow symbls to ge stuff
from ther players! For example, us a Lwsuit
card to sue another player like this:
1. Chose another player nd tel hem wy ou’re suing
them – ake up a reson! Be crativ!
2. They must chose a crd (fom their lfe story) worth
30 pints or me and give t o yu.
3. Put he card into yur life story.
4. They put he Lawsuit card into heir lfe story.
Onc a rd is part of smeons life story, it mus tay on
the able. It can’t go back into ay plaer’s hand.
090480000 10 I GOL.indd 1 10/1/10 4:29 PM
Re symbl
If a crd hs a re symbl in the crne, the symbl show yu
something you mst have dn before yu can ply tha crd.
Lok out fr the symbls a you play.
For example:
To clerat your Gldn
Aniversay, ou ned to
b marie (.e have 
Weding card in your
life story). Just like n
real ife!
You can’t make Hom
Improvemnts uil
you have  home!
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Any Time
Chek the o right crne of a crd to se if t has 
symbl. If not, g ahed an play it no yur life story
on ay turn!
Sometis you ned to
play  card fom ne
dck befor yu can
cmplet a Life vent
from a diff ernt dck.
For example, you ned to play  Bot card fom the Walth dck
into yur life story bfore yu can ply a ‘Sil so arund the
world’ card fom the Advnture dck!
Cards with an row in the crne hlp you
ad to yur wn life story b swaping cards
or taking cards fom ther players!
For example, us a Mid-Lfe Cris card to
swap your whole and with another player!
Always give th card with e arow t he or player
to pu in their lfe story. It’s like cmpnsation!
Care lader
Get a jo! If a Cre cad
has  crol in the crne, you
ned a gre bfore yu
can d it o yur life story.
As on as you have  Care, you
can build p your pints by puting
Payd crds into yur life story!
You can hve up to 3 Payd crds
pr Caer.
Just like ral ife!
You can oly have ONE Pasprt and
ONE Weding card in your life story
at ny oe tim. If you ‘Lse Your
Pasprt,’ you can relac it wh
another on later in the gam.
The cards
Lok at your cads bfore yu star playing. Hers what ech typ of card es:
+10 cards & ending the game
Ther a 8 of thes cards in the gam.
Each one show tha 10 years hve fl own
by! The gam ends afer 60 years. (For a
shorte or lnger ame, play for 40 or
80 years!)
When you draw  +10 card of any clor:
1. Show evryon ad put i to the sid of the playing are.
2. Take  nw card fom any pile and d it o yur hand.
Your tn is over.
3. As on as omen draws the sixth +10 card, 60 years
have pse and the gam is over!
4. Al ad up the pints o the cards in your life story.
Don’t cunt ay crds til n your hand.
5. The player with e most pints win! Congratulions 
a wondrful ife!
If thers a tie, h player with e most cards win.
Tip! If it’s ricky untig up yor pints, group yr
cards into se of 10 pints fi rt, hen ad the
set ogehr!
Nothing to play?
If you have no cards you want o play, chose on to lse! Put i
facup next o he dck it came from t sart  discard pile.
Pick up a new card s ual.
Other players can pick up the cards you’ve discard, so think
carefuly abut wha you throw ay!
090480000 10 I GOL.indd 2 10/1/10 4:29 PM